Monday, May 23, 2016

Tagged Adirondack Monarch Butterfly Recovered in Mexico!

Monarch tagged in the Adirondacks recovered in Mexico!
     The May 23, 2016 ISSUE of Monarch Butterfly Happenings! newsletter is out and it is choked full of nifty stories about Monarchs and creative ways to make your yard a paradise that they will enjoy and thrive in.
     I hand-pick the articles for each issue and placed  "How To Build A Butterfly and Pollinator Garden in 7 Steps" as the lead headline. In addition, check out these happenings in the newsletter:
  • A tagged Monarch from the Adirondacks was recovered in Mexico
  • Carpet the countryside...and your yard...with milkweed "bombs" and give struggling monarchs a chance. 
  • Demanding federal protection for monarchs and other species!
  • Female or male monarch? See the differences.
  • 5 spring plants that could save the monarch butterfly!
  • Milkweed project aims to restore Iowa butterfly habitat.
  • With help from farmers, the Monarch Butterfly will not go extinct.
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     There's much more in this issue! I hope you convert some of your yards to become wildlife-friendly places. Enjoy the May 23, 2016 Issue of Monarch Butterfly Happenings! 

Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. enjoys his wildlife-friendly suburban yard and is devoted to saving the Monarch butterfly. Contact him on the Secure Contact Form.