Saturday, July 23, 2016

Climate Change affecting the Monarch Butterfly

     You'll enjoy this issue of the "Monarch Butterfly Happenings!" newsletter. Visit the VIDEO section and watch the five vids I selected on how to create a Monarch butterfly garden in your yard. When you help the Monarch, you help a host of other butterflies and songbirds, too.
     Newsletter highlights:
  1. The decline of the Monarch along California's coast.
  2. How climate change is affecting the Monarch and what we can do about it.
  3. How to attract Monarch butterflies.
  4. Where have all the Monarchs gone? Yes, the population is way down this year, at least in my neck of the woods!
  5. Texas Comptroller partners with Texas A&M, Sam Houston State University to study the Monarch butterfly...thanks guys and gals!
  6. Don't forget to watch the 5 videos in the VIDEO section!
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