Monday, August 22, 2016

Illinois License Plate designed to aid Monarch Butterfly

Female Monarch visiting my Monarch Waystation
     You’ll enjoy this 8/22/16 Issue of MonarchButterfly Happenings!, for it has article about everyday people and their attempts to save the Monarch Butterfly. The mayor of Topeka has pledged to save the Monarch as well! Thank you, mayor! There’s a nice article I selected that explains how you too, can do things around your yard to help the dwindling numbers of Monarchs. Here’s some other highpoints of the 8/22/16 Issue of Monarch Butterfly Happenings!:

·        Help Monarchs with milkweed seed pod collections.

·        A video explains why the Monarch is disappearing

·        A farmer wants to know what he can do about Monarchs, Milkweeds and GE crops

·        Monarchs in trouble: Where’s the EPA is an article from Friends of the Earth magazine

·        A new Illinois license plate is meant to boost the Monarch butterfly population.

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