Monday, November 2, 2009


Had a relatively uneventful birding day, until I drove behind Fremont, Ohio's Water Filtration Plant. The large pond was shallow and plenty of mud flats were exposed. Several Greater Yellow Legs were up close, probing through the short grass and mud flats. Far away were over 150 smaller shore birds that had darker legs, shorter bills, and had white below the upper chest area. They didn't "bob" the tail or head/neck and were pretty steady on their feet...didn't teeter while walking. Admitted, shore birds are a weak area of my identification prowess. Didn't appear to be Pectoral or Solitary Sandpipers. If any one is around Fremont and would like to view them, go behind the filtration plant and look to the right into the large pond. I'd enjoy your input as to what these shore birds are.

Drove on Rt. 6 to Castalia Pond. Many Canada Geese, Mallards, a dozen N. Shovelers, several dozen American Wigeon, but zero diving ducks, etc.