Thursday, November 11, 2010


It turned out to be a balmy November 10th day when I explored the 24 acres at Seneca County Park District's Forrest Preserve, in NW Ohio. The preserve is surrounded by heavily-farmed corn fields. Honey Creek runs through it and Blue Jays, Cardinals, and a host of White-breasted nuthatches, Black-capped chickadees and Downey woodpeckers entertained me in the trees atop an 80 ft. bluff rising from the opposite shore. I climbed the access steps and hiked along the Meadow Loop Trail which overlooks Honey Creek. Large oaks and other deciduous forest trees lined the pathway, some splashed with yellow path markers. Even though the trees were leafless, the walk was still invigorating. The beautiful woodland, wetland and grassland environs were all kept in their natural state. The sterile, undiversified corn fields surrounding the preserve emphasized its importance and of the wonderful donation the George Forrest family made for all of us. George Forrest gave this pristine land in memory of his parents, Claire and Eunice (Mack) Forrest. The 5 acres they donated to the Seneca Co. Park District was secured with a Clean Ohio Grant to acquire another 18.5 acres. I will revisit this place in the Spring. I'll bet woodland wildflowers will be awaiting me.

The park manager is Doug Sampson, who directs the efforts of many volunteers who have cleared trails and maintain the area for public use.

Lock the address of this beautiful preserve into your GPS and enjoy!- 701 East County Road 6, Tiffin, Ohio.

Carl Sagan said we're all "star stuff". So, I made a slide show of Forrest Nature Preserve, linking all the living things here on spaceship earth with a connection to where we all came from. Enjoy!

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