Monday, January 13, 2014


     I just received an email from Heather Shelby, the Action coordinator for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). As you know, Create A Wildlife Friendly Yard thinks locally, yard-by-yard, lawn-by-lawn. But, since everything in nature is connected, we at CWFY think globally as well. That's wy we're bothered by Senator James "Global Warming is a  Hoax" Inhofe (R-OK) latest attempt to harm our natural world, and us along with it.
     He's introducing an amendment to the Senate's unemployment insurance extension bill that would put the brakes on the EPA's plans to regulate carbon pollution. The EPA regulations that Inhofe is attacking would, for the first time in American history, put national limits on climate pollution from power plants. They set the stage for the entire U.S. Climate Action Plan—which has made them quite the target for climate action opponents. 
     Senator Inhofe is definitely one of them. Just recently, he called climate change "laughable" because of the cold temperatures caused by the polar vortex. What's not laughable? The severe droughts in his home state of Oklahoma and the extreme weather we are facing across the country. 
     Make no mistake: a vote for the Inhofe Amendment is a vote for unlimited carbon pollution in our air. It's a loophole for big utilities that will result in more asthma attacks for our kids and less clean energy for our future.