Wednesday, July 22, 2015


July 22, 2015 Wednesday: I walked along the fence at Loew's in Fremont and checked the line of milkweed plants that were unmowed due to their proximity to the fence. Saw a half dozen Monarchs flying among them. Collected 19 eggs and 1 caterpillar 1/8" long. This is the first time I've seen that many Monarchs laying eggs. Later on that day, a male Monarch emerged from a chrysalis. Released it in front Purple Coneflower bed.

Cumulative log:
Total Eggs collected- 25
Total Caterpillars collected- 1
Monarchs released- 2, 1 male  1 female

July 21, 2015 Tuesday: I collected 6 Monarch eggs off the Common milkweed in my backyard waystation. I saw my second Monarch butterfly flying in the patch, but was probably one of two Monarchs I released several days earlier.

July 18, 2015: Two crysalis' opened into 1 male and 1 female Monarch butterfly. They were healthy and released into the Purple Coneflowers in my tree lawn.