Friday, August 7, 2015


Monarch butterfly with tag
     You can get a "Monarch Watch Tagging Kit". I just got this email from Monarch Watch. They need to keep tagging monarchs as a way of monitoring their numbers and tracking any shifts in the origins of monarchs that reach Mexico. If you are a long-term tagger, you know it has been increasingly difficult to find enough monarchs to tag, especially during the last two years. The totals tagged each year roughly parallel the numbers recorded in Mexico each winter, giving Monarch Watch an independent assessment of the numbers in the migration. Regional tagging success also helps in that it demonstrates how monarchs respond to the physical conditions and quality of the habitats in these areas.
     Thus, tagging is an important tool to help understand the overall dynamics of the monarch population. Tags for the 2015 fall tagging season are now available from Monarch Watch. If you would like to tag monarchs this year, please order your tags ASAP! Monarch Watch Tagging Kits are only shipped to areas east of the Rocky Mountains. As usual, each tagging kit includes a set of specially manufactured monarch butterfly tags (you specify quantity), a datasheet, tagging instructions, and additional monarch / migration information.
     Tagging Kits for the 2015 season start at only $15 and include your choice of 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, or 500 tags. Monarch Watch Tagging Kits and other materials are available via the Monarch Watch Shop online at - where each purchase helps support Monarch Watch. 2015 datasheets and instructions are also available online at

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