Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Monarch Butterfly numbers used to be in the billions

     Yahoo! The April 11, 2016 Issue of Monarch Butterfly Happenings! is out. This issue has neat updates and stories about the Monarch Butterfly, including the four biggest hazards they face. Also included are hand-selected stories about how the Monarch is headed for extinction and the reason to include it on the Endangered Species List. 
     Two short decades ago, over a billion monarchs flew up into the U.S. from Mexico seeking milkweed plants to lay their eggs on. Maybe, those numbers will come back...someday. This 4/11/16 Issue of Monarch Butterfly Happenings! also has informative articles on the great snowstorm in Mexico that killed many of our black and orange friends. You'll also learn about David Suzuki's foundation which hosts #gotmilkweed and Monarch Manifesto campaigns to help bring back the monarch.
     There's much more, too! Happy reading about the Monarch Butterfly.