Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Monarch Butterfly Happenings! A nationwide network of Monarch Waystations?

     Welcome to the November 22, 2016 issue of “MonarchButterfly Happenings!” newsletter! I just got an email from a new subscriber who lives in Solon, Ohio. He wanted to know how to help the Monarch butterfly to survive, so this issue has articles on how individuals are helping the Monarch to survive, yard-by-yard, school-by-school, and business-by-business.
     Many are helping out! Third-graders in Westerville, Ohio became lobbyists to protect the Monarch, and waystations for Monarchs are being planned for Arizona parks. The importance of creating a Monarch butterfly garden in your yard and business is also explained.
     I’m excited about the $89,000 grant provided by the Fish and Wildlife Foundation. It is helping the Southwest Monarch Study to build Monarch Waystations in Arizona’s parks. Let’s expand this initiative! The hundreds of thousands of miles of Interstate-highway medium strips and the millions of miles of major state highways can someday become a nationwide grid of Monarch Waystations, a coast-to-coast system that protects all pollinators!
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